January 7, 2014: Discerning a Future for SRSU

The New Year promises to be one for many significant developments at Sul Ross. In addition to a new head football coach, we soon will begin the formation of a search committee to determine the next university president. Other important items on the horizon include an important interim review of the university that occurs every five years or so by our national accreditation body, the unveiling of a statue of Lawrence Sullivan Ross on the Alpine campus later this Spring, and the release of the 10-year strategic plan. So there will be much to blog about throughout the year!

As I listened to my wife’s sermon this past Sunday at the Presbyterian Church in Marfa, I thought how appropriate it was not only to talk about discernment this time of year as it applies to church but also how this fits with the University at this point in our history. Dr. Perry Moore will be here next week to begin the process of gathering information from the academic and local communities about their vision of where the University should be and who might take us there. That essentially is discernment regarding what we are about and what we might strive to be in the future. Similarly, the new strategic plan that was begun last Spring will be released soon and it also lays out the mission and vision of the University. That also is a document of discernment.

As we move forward in 2014, I encourage all of the Lobo family to engage in the discernment process that soon will begin. The first campus community forum concerning the selection of the next president will convene next Monday morning, but beyond that, there will be opportunities to provide input to the committee, to meet candidates later in the year, and to think about how you might become involved in supporting the new administration. Another opportunity to engage in discernment is to read the strategic planning document that will be released in the next few weeks and determine where you might fit into that plan.

Coming to campus to visit during the unveiling of the statue of Sul Ross, attending athletic and educational events are other ways in which we welcome your participation in the life of SRSU. Signing up for on-line classes at our Uvalde, Del Rio, Eagle Pass, or Alpine campuses whenever you see something that might interest you is still another way to get more involved with the University. And while there are many other ways to participate in the life of the University your financial support to build scholarships for future Lobos is always appreciated as well!

In closing, let me thank you in advance for your discernment in shaping the direction of Sul Ross State University in 2014 and beyond. There will be much to do in 2014 and we invite your input and good will to make all Lobos proud of where we are heading!