January 22, 2014: The Best Choice in Higher Education

We’re in trouble now…our secret is out! U.S. News and World Report has identified Sul Ross State University as the fourth most affordable institution of higher education in the United States. And then it gets worse, they’ve asked us for pictures of the University to let everyone know what our campus looks like!

Up until now, I would wager that SRSU is one of the best kept secrets in Texas, if not the entire country. I would also bet that the vast majority of Texans have never visited the Big Bend Region or know the location of Sul Ross and its four campuses in Alpine, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, and Uvalde.

While anyone reading this blog probably knows a great deal about Sul Ross, most of the world has yet to experience the place where Texas is at its friendliest, most beautiful, and warmest in the winter and coolest in the summer. That of course would be Alpine, Texas, the Gateway to the Big Bend.

Now it is one thing to be the fourth most affordable university in the U.S.A. and #1 in Texas in the same category but I think an argument can be made that we also might be in the top 10 nationally in educational value as well. After all, we have the best residence halls in Texas, one of the prettiest campuses anywhere in the world, excellent teachers and staff, and one of the lowest student to faculty ratios in the state (that means small class sizes where faculty will know every student by name).

So while we could go on and on about what sets Sul Ross apart from other colleges and universities, I suspect that Lobo alums already know everything that could be added to this blog. Suffice it to say that Sul Ross is a great place to learn, at a great price, in a great place. So that means we have to let another cat out of the bag: Students who choose (and alumni who have chosen) SRSU are some of the wisest people in the world to have selected Sul Ross!